In their works bellu&bellu inquire relations of power, which remain oftentimes invisibly inscribed in the textures of everyday practices, in constructions of even minoritarian identities and in representations of alleged affiliations; their works deal with alliances, borders, transgressions, hybridizations, and impurity of people, lives and culture. How to reflect and turn tangible the real and concrete abstractions, which resist representation, but still are effective in shaping our social and political perspectives?

As thinking and perception are radically situated, they look at alliances as collective translations and transmissions between different subjects. How then, tender critique and whispering objection might help to understand functions of power?

The works of bellu&bellu evolve within dialogues between at least two of them, and often the works reflect the dialogic and many-voiced structure of these processes. The works are produced in ongoing series of attempts, oftentimes as experiments and exercises, in a variety of media such as sculpture, video, sound as well as text and publications.