Intersecția 2022. Presentation in Turin

Last June I organized a presentation of what we did at Intersecția in 2022, in my studio in Turin. Some reflections, some drawings, some notes, something collected, some sounds.

INTERCHANGE. Between art and environmental biodiversity
A project by the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari, with
Nico Angiuli, Alessia Lastella and the students Angela Capotorto, Vittoria Ceglia, Francesco Paolo Gassi, Martina Petrelli, Alessandra Rivelli Antezza, Michela Rondinone, and Ester Santovito. 

Alessia Lastella

Alessia Lastella and Martina Petrelli

Alessandra Rivelli

Francesco Paolo Gassi

Martina Petrelli

+ some wooden books by bellu & bellu 2019 (rivisited by Emanuela Ascari) 

Emanuela Ascari



Emanuela Ascari + guest artist CATERINA GIANSIRACUSA
Anthotypes with plants and fruits, collected healing herbs.