Interchange. With-in the woods

Solo and collective forest-diving experiences, to rediscover the ecologic bonds that keep us alive triggering aesthetical dialogues with the woods; places to experience an unusual environment, which can inspire new postures of body and mind, opening ourselves to wonder and re-enchantment.

People have lost the right parameters to approach the wild and welcome nature in themselves, and these experiences represent an attempt to reconnecting.

Finding one’s own dimension through the woods. Settling in, getting acclimatised. Adjusting eye to twilight, and ear to silence. Abandoning a language to rediscover another one.

Resonating with the forest. Getting lost.

Seeking shapes of reciprocity.


(Photo by Francesco Paolo Gassi)


Searching for a position to be comfortable and feel at ease, a sitting stance. 

Closing your eyes, breathing.

Getting in touch with the surfaces, experimenting the friction.

Tasting the quiet livelihood of the life forms that inhabit it.

Rediscovering the bond with slow and silent forces that spread from a life to another.

Welcoming them through us, allowing them to flow freely inside us.

Establishing connections. Unfolding to contamination, being re-inhabited by the wild.

Losing the sense of time to be part of the deep time that tie us to the Universe.

Dissolving in the whole we belong to.

Taking sylvan shapes.

Sinking our feet in leaves.

Breathing humus.

Savouring the wonder of the Universe in a drop of resin.

Thinking with-in the woods.


The explorations took place in the woods around the village, and near the Urlătoarea waterfall, in a narrow valley with a flowing stream that accompanies and characterises the experience.