Caterina Giansiracusa

In her research based practice, she is investigating the relationships that human beings can establish with the other than human world with a special focus on the understanding and use of materials. Extremely important is the possibility to confront herself and the work with the social and political implications of her doing.

She took part in several collaborative projects: collaboration is an important aspect of her practice, with other artists but not only. for her doing is always doing-with and the possibility of being contaminated is fundamental. She is part of the artistic collective PlanteSorcieres, which main interest is in practice of care and practice of resistance, with a focus on the vegetal world.

Caterina Giansiracusa is living and working between Italy and Switzerland, where she is currently working as scientific assistant for the MAPS program (Master of Art in Public Sphere) at Edhea – Sierre, and as teaching assistant at EPFL – Lausanne.