The project, organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari, offers students a moment of exchange with some of the protagonists of the international art system on the themes of environmental sustainability linked to art, nature and agriculture. The selected students have the opportunity to take part in a double residency between Romania and Italy, coordinated by Nico Angiuli, artist and professor of Performing Techniques.

The first part of the project is held from 11-18 July with the residency of the students in Romania at Intersecția, to deconstruct and renew habits of thinking and acting, resetting them on another frequency, in order to trigger reflections aimed at rethinking human interaction with the environment from an ecological point of view.

Then, from 22 to 29 July, students will have the chance to relate to the guests of the Donnapaola Arts Farm’s Centre for Art and Environmental Biodiversity programme, in Alta Murgia, Puglia, Italy, and the research will come to an end on 30 July with a final exhibition.

The Interchange project will lead to the investigation of these rural territories with the idea of outlining common features despite the differences in language, geography and everyday customs; but considering as a shared place all those practices of caring for the landscape, the land, agriculture and shepherding.

Interchange is curated by lecturers Antonella Marino, Nico Angiuli and Maria Vinella (Department Visual Arts, in collaboration with the Department of Communication and Art Didactics).

The students participating are Angela Capotorto, Vittoria Ceglia, Francesco Paolo Gassi, Martina Petrelli, Alessandra Rivelli Antezza, Michela Rondinone, Ester Santovito. And with the participation of Alessia Lastella.

The project is part of the special projects of Donnapaola Arts Farm, Altamura (BA), Italy.