in healing …

A Serbian folk healing technique:

Find a stone near you, similar in size to the healing area, and place it on it. After the stone gets warm return the stone to the place where it was found originally so that the healing can be completed.

We chose to use the local stones from the river. We placed them between the forest and the farming fields,along with Hypericum perforatum herb, for which we have learnt from Christina is good for depression. On the next day, we returned the stones where we first found them.

This location was chosen because it represented a lot of things that were not well: from the small scale of our inner selves – troubled between what we rationalize and what we feel -, to the large and devouring human one, that is ill in so many ways, that it became an illness.

Action we did was devoted to our main public, the bears and other animals from the woods, towards whom we felt so much debts and doubts.

Video documentation by Intersectia.