Joana Quiroga – Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić

Joana Quiroga’s work examines daily life and its philosophical depth, always looking at the specificities of each site, as a way to discuss different topics, specially related with that she comes from, Brazil. Currently she is researching the parallels between social inequality and bread.

Sunčica Pasuljević Kandić is an antidisciplinary being with a desire to orchestrate loosely choreographed interactions with communities and spaces we share and occupy. Through them she explores the sites, communication, collaboration and identity making in the context of technological development effects it has on us and our environment.

We came to Intersecţia to dive in our long existing wish of working together. So our residency here is mainly about the very process of discovering how to do this, focusing on the feeling we have of how the places we come from, Brazil and Serbia, as different as they can be, gave us so much in common. To plant this wish, let it grow and see what fruits it will bring. It will likely be clumsy, discomforting, like the pace of life itself.